Denis Evstuhin is a tremendous musician. He has inspired my children to work very hard, and his dedication to the highest artistic standards has altered my children's playing dramatically. Both in lessons and his own performances, Denis shows that a true musician must love the music and feel deeply what is being communicated. He is the most caring teacher I have ever encountered. He, amidst a very busy career, gives additional lessons, coachings, and virtually does whatever it takes to help his students become successful.

Sherry Chan (Plymouth, MN)

For the past 4 years Anton has been my 10 year old daughter's piano teacher. Not only has she played progressively more difficult pieces, but the technique and dynamics were improved greatly from her original teacher. Anton has used his academic background as well as his virtuoso playing to provide an amazing education. He is focused not just on the correctness of note play, but also, the tempo and the mechanics. My daughter used to hold her hands in an incorrect way while playing, something I have witnessed from many other students with whom she plays. This focus has made her able to better move on the piano and with much less effort. It has allowed her to play with a tonality that students much older than her have yet to master. In short, Anton's attention to detail and desire to see his students improve is witnessed in every practice and performance that my daughter has been involved in. Anton is an awesome piano player and an even better piano teacher. I highly recommend him!

Rob Morse (Saint Paul, MN)

Anton Melnichenko has marvelous technique and also an outstanding teacher. As a older beginning student of Anton's he has inspired me to achieve much more than I could have ever expected from my lessons. His experience comes from a long list of great Russian teachers which strive to teach not only great technique, but more importantly to remain true to the composer and their music. I highly recommend Anton as a teacher and am envious of his younger students who can experience his passion and love of music at the beginning of their music life.

Gerianne Dier (Roseville, MN)

For the past two years I have had the great fortune to have Anton Melnichenko as my piano teacher. The greatest thing I can say about Dr. Melnichenko is that he inspires me to practice. My ultimate musical goal would be to be able to play the piano and interpret music like him. At each lesson he tells me what I need to know and shows me how to make the music better; be it fingering, phrasing, balance or articulation. His repertoire is endless! Anton is a very supportive teacher and pays great attention to detail - this is how we become better pianists, better musicians and better communicators. I highly recommend Anton Melnichenko!

Doran Schoeppach (Minneapolis, MN)

Studying with Dr. Denis Evstuhin has not only inspired me to do well in music, but in life. Dr. Evstuhin works with his students closely to help them find their own interpretation of music.

Chen Chen (Eden Prairie, MN)

Denis is both an extremely talented pianist and a responsible teacher. His effective teaching methods are both encouraging and ambitious which has helped Chen's confidence and pursuit of music. It is our pleasure to recommend Dr. Denis Evstuhin to anyone who is willing to commit and put the time in music.

Chen's parents (Eden Prairie, MN)

My daughter, Nadia has been studying piano with Anton for almost a year. Not only he is an excellent teacher, but also an excellent performer. Having him as a piano teacher is an absolute gift for my daughter in many ways. Nadia has gained a great sense of music appreciation, self-discipline and confidence. She has learned to challenge herself. I attribute these qualities to Anton's teaching style. He is nurturing optimistic and very patient with realistic, yet firm expectations. He works with his students on technique by providing challenging exercises to push them toward the success. I strongly recommend Anton as a fine piano instructor.

Lena Klosner (Saint Paul, MN)

I've studied with Dr. Evstuhin for several years and am always delighted at the insights he brings to each lesson. He constantly looks for better ways of expressing musical ideas, whether from the great masters or talented young pianists, and he explores these ideas with his students. At the same time, his teaching is grounded in good technique, and he works on specific skills at each lesson. His own performances inspire anyone who loves music.

Margot Demarais (Minneapolis, MN)

Skyler Chan plays Mozart:

Piano Concerto No. 17 in G Major K. 453