Our Programs

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Private Lessons

Our experienced faculty provides one-on-one guidance in a nurturing environment, focusing on technique, repertoire, and musical interpretation.

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Music Theory Classes

Explore the fundamentals of music theory with expert instructors, learning notation, harmony, rthythm, and more in interactive sessions.

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Recital Opportunities

Showcase your talent in recitals, competitions, and community events, gaining valuable stage experince and feedback from esteemed musicians.

Our Musical Legacy

The Rubinstein Music Academy, based in Twin Cities, delivers exceptional music education to students of all ages and abilities, inspired by the legendary Russian musicians Anton and Nikolai Rubinstein.

Founded on the rich tradition of the St. Petersburg and Moscow conservatories, our acclaimed faculty ensures each student achieves their musical aspirations.

Personalized Approach

Individualized approach tailored to each student's background, experience, and musical aspirations.

Acclaimed Faculty

Our faculty comprises acclaimed musicians with master's and doctor's degrees from most prestigious institutions worldwide.

Award-Winning Students

Many of our students have achieved top prizes locally and nationally, showcasing the exellence of our programs.

Why Choose Us

Legacy of Achievement

Continuing the tradition of the Rubinstein brothers, fostering musical excellence worldwide.

Personalized Teaching

Tailored teaching to nuture individual talents and inspire musical growth.

Excellence in Education

Comprehensive music education led by world-class faculty with prestigious degrees.

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What Our Students Say

"Rubinstein Music Academy is more than just a music school. It’s a place where passion meets education, and dreams are nurtured into reality. With teachers like Denis and Anton, students are not only equipped with musical skills, but also with a lifelong love for music. I highly recommend Rubinstein Music Academy to anyone looking to embark on a musical journey."
Sanjay Singhvi
"The Rubinstein Music Academy has the highest caliber of professional instructors in Minnesota. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, the Rubinstein Academy provides the best personalized instruction to becoming a successful musician."
Steve Forseth

Start Your Musical Journey Today

Experience the excellence of our music education programs. Join us to unlock your full musical potential and embark on a rewarding musical journey.

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