Individual Lessons

We believe that musical education is a long and fascinating journey. That’s why our nationally-certified teachers are working hard to try to match their teaching styles with your child’s unique personality and musical goals.

The Rubinstein Music Academy offers weekly individual lessons for the following instruments: Piano, Violin, Cello, and Guitar.

Primary level (30-45 minute lesson per week)

Eligibility: Students who have studied music up to two years

The Rubinstein Music Academy is a perfect place for a successful start in music education. Our experienced faculty will introduce the most important fundamentals of music theory and history, as well as basic technical skills, in a playful, engaging, and entertaining manner.

Intermediate level (45-60 minute lesson per week)

Eligibility: Students who have studied their musical instrument for more than two years

We are happy to support your children as they take their first independent steps in the musical world. We encourage them to enjoy the sublime beauty and emotional excitement of music, to develop their technical skills, and to learn about musical styles and traditions, and the greatest achievements of the past and present. We also try to provide an inspiring and slightly competitive social environment that can help students to interact and learn from each other.

Advanced (60-90 minute lesson per week)

Eligibility: Students who have studied their instrument for more than four years

Our internationally-acclaimed artist-teachers are happy to help each student to build up his or her musical personality and develop creatively. They will generously share their mastery and artistry, as well as their joy and satisfaction in artistic self-expression. We will help your children to learn how to tell stories through music, and to be able to learn new repertoire on their own. Young artist (90-minute lesson per week) Eligibility: committed to a professional musical future The Rubinstein Music Academy is one of the best music schools in the Twin Cities for professionally-oriented students. We will not only help our students to succeed at all kinds of musical contests, but will also guide them in their future musical careers. We truly believe that, after several years of dedicated study at the Rubinstein Academy, our students are well-educated, both culturally and musically.

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Adult lessons

(60-minute lesson per week)

The Rubinstein Music Academy provides the entire spectrum of music classes for adult students, from relaxing lessons for beginners to demanding artistic projects for experienced musicians. Our priority is to meet each student's individual goals and preferences.

Soirées Musicales

The academy is the only school in the area that offers adult students musically-oriented social gatherings. Our Soirées Musicales provide the intimate and inspiring atmosphere of musical salons, where students can share their musical talents, and can hear and discuss their favorite composers, pieces of music, and performances. This unique opportunity allows students to join other adults with the same interests and abilities in a performance-based group setting.

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Group Lessons and Classes

Musicianship / Music History / Music Theory

The Rubinstein Music Academy offers group classes in music theory and music history. Our weekly group musicianship classes provide an inspiring social environment for students of similar ages and/or musical levels. We believe that substantial knowledge of music theory and history gives our students a deeper understanding of music. We help them to pass many of the certified music-theory exams, such as those offered by the Minnesota Music Teachers’ Association.

Chamber Music

Eligibility: Advanced, Young Artists and Adults.

Chamber music is one of the most amazing areas of the classical repertoire. At the Rubinstein Music Academy, students have a unique opportunity to create their own duets, trios, or quarters with friends, parents, or relatives. Fill out the chamber music request form and start enjoying making music together at any time of the school year!

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Performance Opportunities

The Academy provides students with a number of performance opportunities at concert venues in Minnesota throughout the year. Recitals give our students a great chance to share their musical achievements with others, to gain experience with performance, and to develop communication skills. They can also learn from their peers and classmates, and expand their cultural horizons by listening to a variety of musical compositions, styles, and instruments. Friends and family members are always encouraged to attend these recitals.

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