Tuition and Policy

Individual  Lessons Tuition Rates

Weekly Lessons with Master Teacher

DurationWeekly RatesMonthly Rates
30 minutes$37$140
45 minutes$52$198
60 minutes$69$260
90 minutes$100$380

Weekly Lessons with Performing Artist Teacher

Duration Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
30 minutes $40 $152
45 minutes $60 $228
60 minutes $80 $304
90 minutes  $115 $460

Group Music Theory / History Classes

Duration Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
60 minutes $25 $100


All lessons at the Rubinstein Music Academy are tax-deductible. Tuition is based on a 38-week annual program (September through June). Our Calendar includes winter and spring breaks. All monthly payments must be made by the first lesson or the 10th calendar day of each month regardless of the number of lessons per month, or of the student’s absence. There is no prorating of class fees or program credits. A $25 late payment fee is applied if monthly tuition is not paid in full on time. The Rubinstein Music Academy offers several payment options. For more information CLICK HERE.


A non-refundable annual registration fee of $30 per student is due with each completed registration form.

Additional Fees

Fees for lessons, theory books, sheet music, festivals, and tests are charged at the beginning of each month. There is a library available for use by all students. Any sheet music, books, or CDs that are borrowed must be returned in good condition (no tears, permanent marks, wrinkles, cracks, etc.). If an item is returned in unacceptable shape or is lost, students or their parents are liable for its cost.

Make-up Lessons

The Rubinstein Music Academy provides ONE individual make-up lesson per semester only if notice of the cancellation was given at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons canceled due to severe weather will be made up at a time arranged by the teacher and student.

Teacher’s Temporary Absence

In case of a teacher’s temporary absence due to performance commitments, lessons will continue with a certified substitute teacher.

Lessons Termination

If a student wishes to withdraw at any point, one month’s notice with payment is required. In the case of irregular attendance, repeated failure to prepare assigned material, or disruptive behavior, the teacher may terminate lessons. A one-month grace period with parent notification will precede the termination of lessons.

To learn more about payment options CLICK HERE.

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